What to Stock to Make Sure the Office is Ready for When Employees Come Back

Beyond the standard office supplies comes the real challenge – what to stock for the office break room snacks and pop-up party needs? You want to be ready for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events when they happen, often without notice. Maintaining a supply of the basics, plus providing some added fun or enjoyment to the everyday can help keep your team fueled up, focused, engaged, and enjoying those little extras you can offer to make them feel valued.

Here are some suggestions on events, occasions, and supplies to keep in mind when planning your break room snacks and party supply inventory.

Coffee & Complements

Caffeine is a critical element to getting any office up and running in the morning. Beyond just the basics of black coffee, consider hot tea varieties or a collection of newer drink options like cold brew or fruit infused cold tea beverages. And no coffee and tea station is complete without the sugars, creamers, flavor pumps, unique kinds of milk, and more that so many crave today. Provide some new flavor experimentation for the morning energy jolt. There is a constant flow of trendy new flavors to try with your colleagues, and it is an easy way to add some additional interest to their coffee routines.

As an ongoing benefit or an as-needed morning boost, the addition of packaged breakfast pastries, oatmeal packets, or cereal bars are a thoughtful option for those that do not always have an opportunity to catch breakfast before the office. Packaged, single-serve breakfast snacks are highly compatible with desktop dining needs or for dashing between meetings. They are convenient for stock-up needs, to be put out as needed, or just have available for when folks require that extra morning fuel.

Daily Delights

So many suffer from the afternoon energy slump. Proving teams with energy drinks and sodas can help propel them through the day’s finish line. If you want to bring a little more fun and camaraderie to the afternoon office environment, here are a few suggestions to bring the team together for a pick-me-up snack, both physically and emotionally.

The aroma from popcorn machines or fresh baked cookies never fails to draw people together, from every corner of the office. Add a collection of shaker seasoning, and you are ready to create an excellent afternoon popcorn party break. 

For a taste of some childhood nostalgia, that is still loved by adults – try an ice cream social to kick-off a holiday weekend, or any weekend. Some waffle cones, bowls, spoons, scoops, and toppings are the must-have accompaniments to the ice cream foundation. Your office workers will enjoy the fun of assembling their favorite creations and a quick break from a busy afternoon. Perfect for that summer afternoon treat or celebratory indulgence whenever needed.

Need to take the simpler route to the afternoon sweet treat selection? A basket of sweet and salty bagged snacks and treats is still a great way to delight employees and keep productivity high through the end of the day.

Party Ready

The annual summer office picnics and parking lot barbeques are the ones you have time to prepare for; the spontaneous events are the ones that require inventory. These include the big deal celebrations, anniversary events, and birthday parties where you need to be ready at all times.

Party hats, birthday signs, streamers, candles, and even a frozen cake and some sparkling beverages should be on your spontaneous party supply checklist. Of course, these things are always best to keep on a calendar, but when that big deal gets closed, you want to be ready to celebrate the team’s success properly.

Do you want more ideas and opportunities for office celebrations? Fiscal New Year’s Eve parties can be a unique and fun office-specific event. The company’s anniversary, founder’s birthday, and retirement parties are all additional opportunities to break out the celebration kit and bring your colleagues together for some mid-day fun.

From the everyday beverages and snacking fuel-up needs, to the spontaneous or planned office celebrations, it is critical to have that variety of supplies to delight your team members and enable everyone to share in the workplace celebrations.

Catherine Porter is a marketing consultant specializing in the food industry. Known for her comprehensive understanding of foodservice trends, consumer insights, and industry dynamics with the ability and vision to synthesize the information into new products, strategies, and solutions for operators and manufacturers. You can find Catherine on Twitter at @cpmktservices or on LinkedIn.

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