Food Service Direct – A Legitimate New Way to Order for Your Business

Food Service Direct is a legitimate new way to supply your business in food service. Our digital store is an endless marketplace with no minimums and no memberships.

Food Service Direct has been shipping bulk food since 1999. Years ago, our founder, Hugh Jones, decided that people needed a way to order in bulk online. And that’s how Food Service Direct was born. Right here, in Virginia. We connected ourselves to suppliers so that you, and everyone, has access to thousands items to keep your food business running. We supply bakeries, food trucks, caterers, restaurants, and any business looking for specialty products in large quantities. We also let everyone shop, so if you’re just shopping for your home pantry, that’s OK too.

We specialize in things that are hard-to-find – the weird, and the rare, we source it all. That includes specialty flavors of common products – like say you like Chipotle hot sauce, but only ONE flavor of it – while your usual bulk spots won’t have it, often, Food Service Direct will. While some suppliers limit you to one or two options, we keep our net cast wide, and we are always adding new products. That’s why you’ll find some of the most specific items and the rarest of options right here in our digital marketplace. We’ve even shipped frozen and refrigerated in bulk for the last 20 years, so if you want something like bulk vegan meat options, we have that. If you just want bulk almond flour, we have a connect for that too.

We take pride in sourcing and in customer service. We’ve got our US-based customer team here for you 7 days a week. Food Service Direct believes access to variety is something we all want, need, and more importantly, deserve. What’s the point of ordering online, if what you can order is limited? What you eat, and what you feed others, shouldn’t be limited to what happens to sell well in bulk stores. That’s the niche we fill.

Food Service Direct isn’t just food items though. We sell supplies and equipment too. So if you’re making cake for your hometown, we’re here for you. If you’re just starting your first food truck business, we have your back. You can order a few items at a time, freeing up space to provide better service, rather than hopping over boxes.

When you’re ready, we’re right here.

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