6 Must See Foods For Home Health Care

If you’re a caretaker or home care provider, meal planning can be tough. You want to make choices that are healthy and of course, convenient. But this can be complicated when it comes to foods for home healthcare.

We get it. It’s hard, and even if harder if you’re new at this.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular home healthcare foods to help you get started.

1. Magic Cup®

A big favorite around here, these cups are practically magicMagic Cup® frozen dessert is great option for adding calories and protein for those experiencing involuntary weight loss and/or malnutrition. The bottom line is they have a reputation for tasting better than other options. They can be eaten as ice cream when frozen or pudding after thawing. These cups are offered in a variety of tasty flavors, including:

Ivan C. raves about Magic Cup®, giving it 5 stars and gushing, “I recently became unable to eat solid foods and this has been a life saver since I like ice cream as a treat. I would order again.  Chocolate is my favorite one.”

2. Stapleton’s Canned Pitted Prunes

It’s not a secret that prunes have magic powers when it comes to helping people go. These succulent pitted prunes are diabetic-friendly and normalize blood sugar.  Pitted prunes are an excellent source of dietary fiber, have twice the antioxidant power of blueberries, and are a good source of beta-carotene (Vitamin A).  These particular prunes have a shelf life of up to 24 months when stored in a cool, dry environment, double the shelf life of a bagged product.  Enjoy this nutritious “super fruit” as a topping on cereals and yogurt, add them to muffins, breads, cakes and sauces, or puree them as a fat substitute.

3. Thick & Easy® Shaped Pureed Frozen Foods

If you’re looking for meal options, these courses are developed by chefs who understand dysphagia and focus on taste.  These tasty shaped purees are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Shaped like food, rather than as a puree, these are designed to encourage greater consumption at mealtime, decreasing the need for expensive supplements.  With Thick & Easy Shaped Pureed Frozen Foods, you won’t need to have to spend that extra time preparing pureed foods at every meal. All you need is a quick steam, and these are ready to serve! Try these delicious nutrient-dense options: 

4. MedPass® 2.0 

For those at high risk for malnutrition, Med Pass 2.0 provides the additional calories and protein they need. Created specifically to be used as a supplement drink along with a person’s medications instead of water or juice,  it comes in a convenient resealable 32 fluid oz. drink box with no refrigeration needed until opened. MedPass® is appropriate for weight gain, malnutrition, pressure ulcers, and stressed patients and provides 120 calories and 5g of protein in each 2 oz. serving.  These drinks are offered a variety of yummy flavors: 

5. MightyShakes® Frozen

MightyShakes® are a great option for adding dietary calories and protein for those at nutritional risk. They are frozen supplements that you can simply thaw and serve or chill and serve.  All MightyShakes® are Nectar consistency. Here are some great-tasting options: 

6. Thick & Easy® Instant Food & Beverage Thickener

This thickener has a honey IDDSI 3 consistency that thickens up all varieties of hot and cold foods and liquids without affecting the taste.  On top of that, it is easy to use and safe for those with swallowing difficulties. The powder blends quickly and smoothly so individuals with dysphagia can enjoy tasty, nourishing foods while maintaining a properly hydrated and healthy nutritional status.

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