Hot Cheetos! 10 Instagram Posts That Will Inspire You to Add Hot Cheetos to Your Menu

Spice is a flavor trend that’s not going away any time soon. While you can go the traditional route and create heat using peppers and other fresh ingredients – why not get playful, and use a spicy element that’s already a hit – HOT CHEETOS.

Check out these 10 Instagram posts from restaurants and businesses that have already added Hot Cheetos to their menu.

The Cheetos brand is showing support with this Hot Cheeto burrito!

But you don’t have to add Hot Cheetos whole – you can go the crushed route like this restaurant who created crunchy heat in their tostada.

But Hot Cheetos are not limited to savory dishes – as shown by one food blogger’s post of Cheeto topped doughnuts.

Out of jalapeños? No problem if you’re making spicy macaroni and cheese as this post proves.

Hot Cheetos can be more than a topping – check out how this restaurant used it in their burger buns.

It turns out nothing is actually safe from Hot Cheetos – we think guests would go out of their way to try is this new version of spicy sushi.

Mexican food is well known to be hot, but Hot Cheetos can add a twist – as shown this video of mangonadas, also called chamangos, typically a blend of spicy mango, lime juice, and chili powder.

Is any food related list complete without a mention of pizza? Probably not. Here is how one pizza shop is adding Hot Cheetos to palettes in Houston.

Think there is no place for Hot Cheetos in an ice cream shop? Think again.

Drinks are getting spiced up too. Take a look at these Hot Cheetos cocktails that one bar introduced.

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